Neutral Credit Comparison


The SCHUFA – an institution around which many rumors abound. What does the Schufa really know, how is the notorious credit score calculated, what is reported with what impact, etc.? Questions for which there are many answers and not all of which are true. Especially with just that question, which is actually reported at the SCHUFA exactly with what impact, especially in the subject of borrowing or credit comparison is fatal misunderstandings.

Basically, one should access the first best loan offer when determining a loan requirement . Instead, it is repeatedly pointed out that a loan comparison is the best way to find the cheapest loan in terms of one’s own and thus individual credit needs. Numerous online credit comparison calculators are available on the Internet, which should make it possible to achieve just that goal. And this is exactly what many consumers continue to see as a disadvantage, because not infrequently the opinion prevails here that the more credit offers one asks and compares, this results in a negative effect regarding the notorious credit score of Schufa. Expressed with a simple sentence: the more credit requests made, the worse the chance of a cheap loan.

A fallacy, because nowadays in 98% of all credit inquiries at the SCHUFA etc. that does NOT have a negative effect on the own SCHUFA score. What this means is that a credit comparison today is neutral and therefore does not pose a problem in terms of calculating the credit score.

Features of a schufa-neutral credit comparison


Features of a schufa-neutral credit comparison


So if you are interested in a loan comparison for an offer and would like to receive more information on his possible personal terms on the part of the potential lender, who receives the information due to a so-called “request credit terms” at the SCHUFA.

  • Characteristic “Credit conditions” >> The interested party would like to first find out about the individual conditions for a loan.
  • “Storage Period ” feature >> Data storage for 12 months (requests are only displayed for 10 days)
  • Feature “Influence on credit score” >> No influence on the SCHUFA scoring.


Today almost all banks pay attention to use the appropriate feature “request credit conditions” in a pure request for the conditions in order not to negatively influence the SCHUFA score of the interested party.


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